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Ali Cem Dağlı: “For 62 years, Alapala has been offering services on a global level by building turnkey flour mills, maize mills, rice mills, feed mills, silos and storage systems and steel construction mill buildings. Exporting 95% of its output and being one of the biggest exporters of Turkey, Alapala Group has created ALAPALA FEEDTECH brand for its feed factories’ machines.”

Alapala has decided to expand its success in milling machinery manufacture to feed machinery area. Offering turn-key feed plan projects both at home and abroad, Alapala has many references in more than 95 countries in four continents.

cemcpmAlapala Machine expanded its expertise in feed machinery by becoming the commercial agency of the US based CPM (California Pellet Mill Company). Alapala Feed Machinery Sales Manager Ali Cem Dağlı with whom we talked about his ideas about the company says Alapala is one of the leading exporters of Turkey. Stating that their vision is to be the industry leader which adopts a high quality solid production and service concept, and that offers hi-tech machines with confidence, Alapala Feed Machinery Sales Manager Ali Cem Dağlı informed us about the innovations they brought to the industry, their current place in the market and future plans.

Mr. Dağlı, first of all, could you give us information about the CPM? What does CPM do? What can you tell us about its achievements and experiences regarding the feed technologies field?
CPM (California Pellet Mill Company), a US-based firm established in 1883, has more than 3000 employees. It is the inventor of the pellet press machines which are essential to the production of animal feed in the world. The group consists of 4 companies and its Netherlands-based European center, CPM Europe is responsible for Europe, Middle East and Africa regions. The group providing services through its local stations in each continent produces such animal feed machines as the pellet press, thermal annealing, conditioner, flake mill and hammer mill which are the top-selling products thanks to their technological supremacy, durability and less maintenance.

Can you tell us about the technological solutions produced by CPM? As far as we are concerned, CPM offers turnkey solutions to its customers. What are the specific areas of expertise for CPM and what are its self-produced solutions?
CPM is the leading firm selling the largest number of machines such as the pre-pellet press annealing machine, pellet press, pellet units, hammer mill and roller mill. CPM is not a firm offering turnkey solutions. It solely sells machines or systems. The turnkey projects are undertaken by Alapala. The machines manufactured by CPM can be used at the domestic and overseas turnkey projects undertaken by Alapala. Electronic control systems are also manufactured by CPM. Alapala Automation integrates the system into the project.

CPM has 80 years of experience in the field of feed technologies. Could you inform us as to the innovations it has brought to the sector and the different and innovative solutions it has created?
CPM has 133 years of experiences in the fields of grinding and pelletizing. The machines manufactured by CPM are powerful, high-capacity, low-power consumption and long-lasting machines. There are in Turkey pellet press machines working for 40 years. CPM is the most preferred brand worldwide for a demand in second-hand machines. Its machines are so silent that there is hardly ever any vibration when in operation. The pellet press machines are so silent that one cannot understand whether they are working or not. Through the latest technology integrated with the electronic systems, everything is under your control and safe. It widened its product range in 1980’s and started to manufacture roller mills and hammer mills under the Roskamp Champion brand. And in 2002, the leading and specialist firm in the fields of feed machines and dosing systems, Beta Raven joined the group.

Could you give us some information as to CPM’s role and its market share in the feed industry in Turkey and world? In how many countries does CPM have operations and technologies? 
CPM is the leader of the pelletizing technology. While its rivals focus on the turnkey feed projects, the main focus areas of CPM are pre-pellet press annealing machines, pelletizing machines and grinding units. All the engineers of CPM strive for the betterment of these processes and it is more successful than its rivals in terms of its know-how and experience. Technology is created by CPM. Middle East, Europe and Africa are CPM Europe’s sales and marketing territories. It is active oversea with its representative offices, liaison offices and service network. The top-purchasing countries are Russia, Saudi Arabia, France, Algeria, Egypt, Ukraine and the United Kingdom. And also Netherlands is a market where the sales are quite high.

What are CPM’s outstanding innovations and advantages over its rivals? What kind of advantages and benefits can a feed factory obtain if it prefers CPM when it intends to renew its technology or establish a new factory? In short, what do you promise to your respective customers? 
CPM manufactures transmission pellet press machines. They are the most powerful, high-capacity pellet press machines requiring less maintenance. When compared with the Belt-pulley pellet press machines, they consume 10-12% less energy. Its rivals are trying to copy CPM’s transmission pellet press machines but they ignore one fact: CPM’s more than 60 years of experience, investments and know-how. Purchasing a CPM branded machine means an investment to last more than 40 years. We have countless machines all over the world which have been going on to operate for more than 40 years.

Could you give us some information about your organization in Turkey? Since when does Alapala represent CPM in Turkey? What can you tell us about Alapala and CPM’s service strategies in Turkey, your current market share and your targets in the future?
Deciding to carry its success with the grinding machines to the feed machines, Alapala realized this strategic move by signing a representation agreement in February 2016 with CPM (California Pellet Mill Cooperation) Europe, a leading firm in this field. Alapala became the authorized representative of CPM Turkey. The feed machined manufactured by CPM are being sold by Alapala together with biofuels and recycling systems and machines and the service and spare parts support are being provided by Alapala. In addition, the machines manufactured by CPM will be used at the domestic and oversea turnkey projects by Alapala.

Established in 1954, Alapala offers services on a on a global level by building turnkey flour mills, maize mills, rice mills, feed mills, silos and storage systems and steel construction mill buildings. Exporting 95% of its outputs and being one of the biggest exporters of Turkey, Alapala undertakes turnkey facilities at the desired capacity and has a large number of references in more than 95 countries in four continents. Our mission is to carry out the establishment of facilities and sales of machines and undertake renewals and capacity-building projects together with CPM in Turkey’s feed market and offer products and services that fully meet the expectations of its customers and that are energy-efficient. Our vision is to be a world-renowned brand that has sustainable and attainable goals to be a solution-oriented and the best firm through its high customer satisfaction in the feed machines industry and that adopts a high quality solid production and service concept and that offers hi-tech machines with confidence.

Can you now talk about your latest innovations and the benefits these innovations will bring to the industry? What are the new technologies that you wish to introduce to the feed producers in the future? 
We have cooperated with CPM to establish flake mills in particular. CPM manufactures the best and most quality flake mills in this field. Flake is the material obtained when the maize, barn or wheat is baked at the 100-110 degrees in an annealing cell and ground at the roller mill and then dried up and cooled. Especially, maize flake is a challenging and technological process and the thickness of the flakes vary between 0.5 mm and 2 mm. this is a system used in America with an 85 percentage points. The objective is to gelatinize the starch in the maize, that is to say, to thin the maize and make ruminants digest it. It has been proven that it increases the milk yield 10-12% and digestion 10%. What’s more, it helps the insoluble by-pass proteins dissolve in the intestines. CPM uses a world-certified in pellet press machines which is the Lineator Remote Roll Adjustment System. The most significant feature of this system is that it can electronically carry out the rolls and wheels approximations without disrupting the pellet press machines and being subjected to the operator’s errors. The system electronically controls the speed of the rolls. If there is a reduction or spinning in the speed of the rolls, the lineator is activated and it electronically measures the distance and brings closer the rolls to the disc surface or separates them from the disc surface. Thus, such problems as the excessive ampere fluctuations, blockage, decreased capacity or speedy wearing-out of the discs and rolls are eliminated. This is a perfect system especially for the factories working 24 hours a day. CPM carried out a technological development in the transmission system a few years ago. In this way, a 7% energy increase was achieved in CPM’s pellet press machines. The materials’ duration spent in the conditioner was extended through the developments regarding the conditioner (annealing with steam). In hammer mills, there is the multi-option cycle choice for the grinding of various materials into the desired capacity and thickness of the particles. Among CPM’s best technological innovations and designs in the world are the patented milling pockets, teardrop-shaped grinding cell profile, specially hardened and tungsten-coated hammers and the shortest distance between the hammer and screen.

Finally, what would you like to add?
As Alapala Group, we have created ALAPALA FEEDTECH brand for our feed factories’ machines. We have enlarged our facility in the province of Çorum. We have enlarged it by three folds. We will both accelerate our production and carry out a perfect production through our CNC machines and specially-designed robots. We will reach in a few years a remarkable market share in the overseas turnkey feed factories project just like in the field of milling sector through our quality, our knowledge, our service, our customer satisfaction and our brand.