Wednesday, 24 July 2024

Arion Purifier

Perfection best describes the ARION purifier.

As a member of the new generation of machines which have evolved over the past 60 years its innovative design and durable construction makes it a highly reliable, efficient and powerful machine for the purification and classification of the semolina in the flour, durum and maize mills.



The ARION has a sturdy construction with a contoured exterior appearance and is made up of three parts :

  • Fixed sturdy main chassis
  • An oscillating body which houses the sifting fabric frames
  • Aspiration Channel


The exhaust or suction chamber consists of two aerodynamically designed chambers with independent regulation valves above the sieves for optimum adjustment of air flow passing through the sieves.


The exhaust is fitted with an adjustable butterfly valve. The machine satisfies most of the hygiene standards as all parts in contact with the product are made of high quality materials for the best sanitation.


Efficiency is obtained by using top quality vibratory motors and vibration mountings which are maintenance free and energy efficient.


The ARION satisfies all safety standards




The flow rate of the product is adjusted by a gate which provides a perfect distribution of the product along the entire width of the sieves. The ideal vacuum along the sieve surface is obtained by an aerodynamic air canal with regulating valves. This keeps the bran and other light fractions suspended and taken to the discharge and collecting boxes below. The semolina and bran are separated by the sifting action of the sieves. The cleaning of the sieves is done by brushes.




  • Increased capacity
  • Adjustable sifting speed
  • Trouble free and minimum maintenance
  • Silent working
  • Easy cleaning due to hygienic design
  • Sieve cleaning by means of brushes
  • Quick and easy replacement of sieves
  • Adjustable light metallic frames
  • Low maintenance vibration mountings