Wednesday, 24 July 2024

YÜCEBAŞ MACHINERY FLOUR TESTING DEVICE WITH AUTOMATIC WATER DOSING SYSTEM is a device use for the determination of a wide variety data of the mixing and bread making properties of the flour. The resistance of the dough against the mixing arms is depending on the flour quality by the time of mixing process. The device indicates flour properties on mixing period of dough. The device has it’s own embedded industrial PC and own software. The device can control directly from the touch screen industrial PC. The device has dynamometer. This dynamometer can adjust between 0-200 rpm. Flour Testing Device with Automatic Water Dosing System gives similar results as Farinograph. The device has it’s special water dosing system and these system also can be controlled from touch screen PC.


Flour Testing Device with Automaic Water Dosing System can be determine :

- Water Absorption Capacity (%)

- Dough Development Time ( Minutes )

- Dough Stability ( Minutes )

- Softening Degree ( 10th, 12th, 20th)

- Flour Quality Coefficient (FQC)